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Character replacement: allowed to use “u” instead “ù”; “a” instead “à”, “á”, “â”, “ã”, “ä”; “и” instead “й” etc.

Search by words. Print “bell”, get words & phrases, which begin from “bell”: "bell": "bella", "bellaco", "belladona", etc.

Search by phrases. Print "bell "(space after “bell”), we get: "bella luisa", "bella durmiente", "bellaco empedernido" etc.. We get phrases only, word (for instance “bella”) will not be shown.

Search by words. Print "com imp", the result is: "combustible importado", "comercio de importación" – phrases begin with "com" and having a word, which begins with "imp" in any place after “com”.

Search by word(s) in any place. Type " com imp"(space before "com" or 2 spaces after "imp"), we get "abrasarse, comerse de impaciencia", "circuito de compresión de impulsos", "combustible importado", i.e. these have words which begin with "com" & "imp", but “com” does not have to be on first in phrase.

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